100 apartments sold of Franciszkańskie 2nd stage

Over half of apartments being offered within the second stage of the Franciszkańskie housing estate have been already sold. Due to the vivid interest of customers, TDJ Estate plans to start the third stage of the project next quarter including six new buildings.

After the success of the first stage, when all apartments had been sold before the building was commissioned for use, the developer decided to accelerate the second phase of the investment. Within this stage, the RE-Bau prime contractor has been erecting two two-segment housing facilities since June 2015. One hundred of 192 apartments were already sold and a large part of the remaining units was reserved.

A shell of the second stage’s first building is finished and a roof covering is being laid. Installation works are being conducted inside as well. The delivery date is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016. The second building will be ready in the fourth quarter this year. A third floor is currently underway.

Additionally, the developer waits to obtain a building permit for the third stage of the undertaking. The start of construction works and apartment sales is expected in the second quarter this year. „Almost 250 apartments with the area ranging from 26 to 96 sq. meters will be built within this stage of the investment. At present we finalize a detailed design of six new one-segment buildings, of which the architecture will be slightly different when compared with the first two stages. However, they will be still consistent with the other facilities” – said Maciej Wójcik, president of the board of TDJ Estate. For example, apartment balconies will be rectangular in shape and the buildings will be smaller (one-segment construction). A larger car park area is also planned within the third stage.

The Franciszkańskie housing estate is located on Kijowska St. in the district of Ligota. TDJ Estate plans to build 1 300 apartments within the project.