11 firms want to build Academy of Fine Arts new seat

Eleven building companies from Poland and Spain entered their bids in a public tender for construction works on the new scientific, research and cultural complex of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. In the meantime, the management body of the Silesian Voivodeship decided about funds admission for this project within the Regional Operational Programme.

The financial help amounts to PLN 42,4 million. The new building will be located between Raciborska and Koszarowa streets in the close proximity of two others facilities of the Academy. Some premises of the University of Economics and the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice are also situated in the area.

The new educational building will consist of three facilities forming an internal yard. The complex will cover a usable area of 12 500 sq. meters. An open space for design, modeling lab, film studio, sculpture workroom, mineral and organic resources workroom, lecture rooms and offices will be delivered for the Academy purposes. The public part of the seat will house a library and reading room, exhibition hall, projection room and a bar. A detailed architectural design of the complex was prepared by An Archi Group from Gliwice, Poland.

Authorities of the Academy of Fine Arts estimated that the total cost of the undertaking will reach PLN 48,3 million. The lowest price offer proposed by one of the tendering building companies does not exceed PLN 40 million.

  • The full list of entered bids includes (gross prices, PLN):
    – Hochtief: 45,1 million
    – Dorbud: 47,8 m
    – Elektrobudowa: 47,5 m
    – Mostostal Warszawa: 45,3 m
    – Aldesa Construcciones: 46,3 m
    – Chemobudowa-Kraków: 47,6 m
    – Bielskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Przemysłowego: 47,9 m
    – Wojdyła Budownictwo: 46,9 m
    – CHM Obras e Infraestucturas: 45,2 m
    – Skanska: 45,5 m
    – PB Dombud: 39,3 m

Before choosing the prime contractor, the tender committee has to check if the bids are accordance with requirements of the terms of reference. The construction work is expected to be commenced in the months to come and will take 20 months.

© Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice; new educational complex between Raciborska and Koszarowa streets
© Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice; new educational complex to be located between Raciborska and Koszarowa St.