138 meters of art around Supersam

138 meters of art work will cover the facing of construction site of Supersam. Initiator and organizer of the untypical exhibition is Griffin Art Space.

The organization is a cultural institution founded in 2012 by Griffin Group, a developer of the new Supersam shopping mall. In August last year, Griffin Art Space granted two historic welded spans of the former Supersam’s construction to the Silesian Museum. This time the institution involved in cooperation with local artists and activists.

The exhibition placed on the construction site’s facing at 6 Piotra Skargi St. shows important moments of the Katowice history. The next pieces of art will be devoted to the City architecture and will be presented at the beginning of August when OFF Festival takes place.

Apart from the art works, several cultural events will take place within the project. The undertaking was called „Rajza po Kato”.

The general message of Griffin Art Space is to take the position of a supporter, art patron and creator its own art collection. The institution have already joined commercial purposes of its retail properties with the art – various artistic events are organized in the Griffin’s Renoma department store in Wrocław as well as in the Koszyki market hall in Warsaw.