2nd stage of Francuska Park commissioned for use

Atal has finished works on the second stage of Francuska Park. Also, the developer commenced the sale of apartments located in the last third building of this stage.

Francuska Park is being built in the junction of Francuska and Lotnisko streets. Elevation of all the facilities is finished with graphite covering, natural wood and granite. The architectural design of Francuska Park was prepared by Wojciech Wojciechowski.

Prices start from PLN 5 400 per one square meters. Customers have to pay PLN 5 600 per one square meter for housing units located at the top floor of the buildings. Apartments of the first and the second stage (six buildings) are now offered for sale by Atal. At present, there are 234 available apartments out of 507.

The second stage of the undertaking has been just commissioned for use. In total, there are 269 apartments located in three buildings. The housing units’ area ranges between 26 and 136 sq. meters. An underground car park for 309 vehicles and 29 ground parking places were delivered within this stage as well. The developer has recently commenced the sale of 104 apartments in the last building erected within the second stage.