31 studios design new Market Sq. using 3D model

In the middle of March, the jury of the open international competition for an architectural concept of the new Market Square’s public spaces invited 31 architectural firms to the second stage of the contest. The full list presented below includes several well-reputed studios. Most of the qualified companies are based in Poland, mainly in the Katowice area and in Kraków.

© City Hall of Katowice; screen capture of the 3D model using by the architets preparing the competiton projects
© City Hall of Katowice; screen capture of the 3D model being used by the architets preparing the competiton projects

Now, the architects are preparing their ideas using a 3D model, which is the same for all of the designing firms. Thanks to the model, the studios will have equal opportunities to present the ideas and it will be easier for the jury to mark the proposed projects. According to the competition guidelines, architects will have to propose several different purposes of the public areas, e.g. a flower, water or recreation square.

Deadline to submit final projects expires on 14th of May 2012. The competition is scheduled to be decided in June this year. The architectural design and its investment cost estimate can not exceed PLN 40 million including Value Added Tax.

  • The list of qualified architectural firms:
    1. MXL4 (Szczecin, PL)
    2. Brodway Malyan (London, UK; office in Warsaw, PL)
    3. Małeccy (Katowice, PL)
    4. Roman Rutkowski Architekci (Wrocław, PL)
    5. AMD Marek Dubiel (Jaworzno, PL)
    6. J. Gorka Architect, (Toronto, CA)
    7. Riegler Riewe Architekten (Graz, AT; office in Katowice)
    8. Atelier Loegler (Kraków, PL)
    9. ArKuS (Gliwice, PL)
    10. Arkat (Katowice)
    11. Consortium of GPP and EKSPO (Kraków)
    12. Trans-Gaz (Gliwice)
    13. AiR Jurkowscy-Architekci (Katowice)
    14. ARCHECON (Kraków)
    15. F-11 (Kraków)
    16. Karpla Konsulting (Kraków)
    17. IN & OUT Architekci Krajobrazu (Konstancin-Jeziorna, PL)
    18. Archistudio (Katowice)
    19. Consortium of IDOM (Bilbao, ES) and IDOM (Warsaw)
    20. Pleneria (Warsaw)
    21. Heinle, Wischer und Partner Architekci (Stuttgart, DE; office in Wrocław)
    22. KKM Kozień Architekci (Kraków)
    23. Zbigniew Koziarski (Sosnowiec, PL)
    24. Konior Studio (Katowice)
    25. KWK Promes (Katowice)
    26. Biuro Projektów Architektonicznych (Katowice)
    27. Jojko+Nawrocki Architekci (Katowice)
    28. Czora&Czora (Katowice)
    29. ESA (London; office in Katowice)
    30. Medusa Group (Bytom, PL)
    31. Consortium of Januszówka and ARKON (Bielsko-Biała, PL)