51-meter high reach excavator will be used to demolish DOKP

TDJ Estate has chosen Carbo-Stal to conduct demolition works on „DOKP”. The company will use a tracked excavator equipped with 51-meter high arm. It is the largest machine of its kind being currently available in Poland.

The first stage of the demolition works on the „DOKP” office complex was commenced in December last year. At first, the lower two-storey part was dismantled by the Cluain company. The works were already finished. To conduct the demolition’s second stage of the 72-meter high building, TDJ Estate decided to select Carbo-Stal from Wojkowice, Poland. The company is specialized in these type of services and owns the demolition tracked excavator of the highest reach in Poland.

The „DOKP” building is located in the very heart of Katowice at 1 Roździeńskiego Av., close to „Spodek” and the newly delivered International Convention Center. Thereby, the high reach excavator will be used instead of a wrecking ball or controlled demolition by implosion method.

The demolition works will be supported by a tower crane. The top 20 meters of the 72-meter-high building will be dismantled by Brokk remote controlled demolition robots. Then the high reach excavator equipped with the 51-meter high arm will be employed to accelerate the undertaking by cutting and pulling down the dismantled structure.

The company has already commenced the works inside the building – all removable parts are being displaced from the interior. First demolition works of the „DOKP” construction should be commenced in the weeks to come. It is planned to tear down the tower by the end of this year. A new office complex of two buildings designed by Medusa Group will be built in the place of „DOKP”.

Carbo-Stal has been performing demolition services since 2008. The company conducted the works on the „Częstochowa” coke plant’s buildings, silos of „Górażdże Cement”, building of KGHM Polska Miedź, A1 motorway and Silesian Stadium in Chorzów, among others.