60 meters tall buildings grow along Chorzowska St. Officially? Still no telling

Four tower cranes and several dozen of workers are engaged to erect the 60 meters tall buildings of Silesia Business Park. However, the project was launched on a speculative basis and its future is still uncertain as Skanska makes the continuation of works conditional on successful letting of the office spaces.

Cross section of the buildings being built within Silesia Business Park, source of the chart: www.skanska.pl
Cross section of the buildings being built within Silesia Business Park, source of the chart: www.skanska.pl

Two 11-floor buildings (out of four planned) of Silesia Business Park are being built along Chorzowska St., almost across from the Silesia City Center shopping mall. The works were kicked-off in April this year and despite the construction has already reached the third level, Skanska does not confirm the official start of the works.

“We are currently conducting preparatory works on the two buildings” – developer commented and seems to insist on this nomenclature. According to Skanska policy, construction works on office projects can be commenced at full swing when first lease agreements are signed. In case of Silesia Business Park none pre-lets have been secured by now.

„Our present activity at the site will help us to accelerate the construction works on the levels from 0 to 11 in the future. Skanska decided to commence the preparatory works as we see a short supply of modern office spaces situated in good locations in Katowice. Our goal is to offer the short-term capability of buildings delivery to tenants with whom we currently negotiate” – said Arkadiusz Rudzki, leasing and asset director at Skanska Property Poland.

The developer is positive about the local office market. “We observe high occupational demand – the last 12 months saw a large number of transactions and most of the modern office space in Katowice was absorbed that is why the availability of free stock is strongly limited. Occupiers will look for good quality office projects featuring modern technical solutions as most of companies want to expand their businesses in one location to consolidate operations and reduce operating costs. At this very specific moment, it is worth to have a project which can be efficiently implemented and rapidly delivered” – Arkadiusz Rudzki added.

Skanska have already erected the levels -2 and -1 where parking spaces will be located. Also the two storeys for the car park will be raised between the two buildings creating a parking space for about 300 cars. Works have also been commenced on the shaft (vertical service space for lifts and stairs) at the 0 level of the “A” building. The construction crews are supported by four tower cranes reaching from 61 to 69 meters in height (crane no. 1: 65,70m; 2: 65,70m; 3: 69,05m; 4: 61,00m).

Skanska does not preclude to suspend the project after the preparatory works are done and will relaunch it when the first lease agreement is signed.