80 days left to deliver new Silesian Museum

Only 80 days left to finish the construction work on the Silesian Museum’s new seat. Budimex moves forward last outfitting and installation works inside the building and the land development.

The new seat of the Silesian Museum, view from the administration building's roof, the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra's new building under construction at the background
The new seat of the Silesian Museum, view from the administration building's roof, the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra's new venue under construction at the background

The Silesian Museum and the prime contractor have just signed an annex to a contract regarding a delivery date of the construction process. According to the contract, Budimex had to finish all the works by 7th of March. Due to the annex, the delivery was moved and scheduled for 7th of June. Then the commissioning committee will have 56 days to accept the works. The delay is an effect of additional, unforeseen works which had to be done by the contractor.

“The new seat of the Silesian Museum will be ready to use this autumn, what I declare with my sole responsibility. It will depend on the Marshal Office of the Silesian Voivodeship [the investor] to choose and announce the opening date” – commented Leszek Jodliński, director of the Silesian Museum.

The steel structures of all glass boxes are finished and last glassy panels are to be laid. Installation, plastering and glazing works are underway at all levels of the underground and administration buildings. Two post-mine brick facilities also see the last outfitting. The auditorium hall is already equipped with almost 400 chairs. Walls, floor and ceiling cladding made of wooden panels is also done. “We need some time to check installations and its functioning in the building. Everything has to be correct to provide suitable requirements for storage and presentation of exhibits” – said Grzegorz Tymich, contract director at Budimex.

At the same time, the former Electricians Workshop situated north-west from the new venue is now being adapted to house an electrical distribution center. Previously it was planned to refurbish only two of all former “Katowice” coal mine buildings. The Workshop will be the third one. “This is our new investment beyond the frame of the major project. We have raised funds from an alternative source of financing to cover costs of the adaptation works” – Leszek Jodliński explained.

There will also be a chance to refurbish another two coal mine’s buildings as the Museum will probably save from PLN 30 to 50 million during the investment process. “We make efforts to use the money for the revitalization of the two facilities located north and bordering our new venue. However, it depends on the European Commission which decides about the funds admission. If the decision is positive, we will be able to move all departments and offices from the present seat on Korfantego Av. to the new location. This would enable us to establish the whole Museum in one place within this stage of the investment” – the director said.

The remaining post industrial buildings, being currently out of use and situated to the north, will be adapted to cultural purposes in the second stage of the project. The Silesian Museum will apply for the financial help of the European Union for the years 2014-2020 to conduct the investment.