8th EEC to be held in May 2016

The organizer revealed dates of the next year’s edition of the largest business and economic meeting in this part of Europe – the European Economic Congress (EEC). Currently, work is underway to create the agenda and main topics for the three-day debate.

One of the debates during the 7th edition of the European Economic Congress
One of the debates during the 7th edition of the European Economic Congress

The 8th European Economic Congress will take place later in 2016 than this year. The event will be held between 18th and 20th of May 2016.

Each year, the three-day series of debates and meetings is attended by guests from Poland, Europe and the world, including several hundred panelists, European commissioners, prime ministers and representatives of governments of European states, presidents of the largest enterprises, scientists and practitioners, as well as decision-makers, who exert a real influence on economic and social life. This year’s edition of the congress gathered 7,5 thousand guests in the International Convention Center between 20th and 22nd of April.

„First of all, it is a content-related and creative meeting, which is associated with, but not dominated by, current political issues: this is the assumption that has driven the organization of the European Economic Congress from the very beginning. Seven months before the eight edition, we have already started to prepare the agenda” – said Wojciech Kuśpik, chairman of the board of PTWP Group, an organizer of the EEC.

The organizer also points out that the strength of the congress, which has been organized since 2009, lies in the active participation of its guests, who represent a wide range of competencies and professions. Another advantage of the event is an up-to-the-minute subject area of debates and discussions, which perfectly meets the needs of the persons invited to attend the congress.

„We wish to create the agenda of the European Economic Congress in Katowice through dialogue and an exchange of opinions between us and our partners, experts and authority figures, for whose point of view we have much respect and regard. We encourage you to send us your suggestions concerning the topics that would be interesting in the present context of the economy development” – Wojciech Kuśpik added.