A4 Business Park grows quickly

Echo Investment will soon deliver the first stage of A4 Business Park. Also, construction works on the second building and the 9-storey car park are highly advanced.

Crews responsible for outfitting of the first building are on the final straight of works. Sanitary and electric fittings, furnitures and carpets are now being provided for the facility interiors. The entire office space of the building (8 670 sq. meters) were leased by IBM. Employees of the IT giant’s global services delivery center will crowd its new Katowice seat in the weeks to come.

Remax Construct, which was contracted to erect the second building, is now conducting concrete works on the seventh floor. The 10-storey facility (9 000 sq. meters) is scheduled for the delivery in the third quarter of 2014.

The above-ground 9-storey car park for 560 vehicles is almost ready for use. Last construction works are being underway involving elevation facing, installations and surrounding arrangement. The underground tunnel linking the car park and the second office building is already done.

A4 Business Park is being built along Francuska St.