Advanced Information Technology Center

The University of Economics in Katowice is preparing to build an Advanced Information Technology Center (AITC). Currently, bids are being evaluated. Twelve companies are vying for the contract estimated at PLN 41,2 million. Conclusion of the tender procedure for the prime contractor should be made in a few weeks.

The AITC will be raised on a 0,9ha plot within the University’s campus between Bogucicka and Murckowska streets close at the „Rawa” river. The building covering a total area of more than 7800 sq. meters is designed for didactic and scientific purposes of the University. Additionally, the activity of the Center will make possible to develop a cooperation with the business sector in the area of creation and adoption of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

„Apart from clear benefits for students and brainpower, the project will have a positive influence on implementation of advanced service activities for the regional economy, attraction of external investors, also it will help to engage research teams in the European researches’ market and to create and implement new technologies in companies” – said Piotr Mołdrzyk, Deputy Chancellor for General Affairs at the University of Economics in Katowice. “We want the building will also be a business background, place of meetings, conferences and branch discussions” – he added.

  • The AITC’s teaching programme will be adapted to the latest labor market needs and will expand the programme of newly established Informatics and Communication Faculty. Moreover, it will also improve students’ hands-on experience within other University’s faculties including following fields of studies:
    – spatial economics (Geographic Information System – GIS, system of landed property, informatics tools for public administration, project management),
    – finance and accounting (financial and accounting system, stock-exchange system, financial management, tools of investment analysis),
    – management and economy (CRM, logistics, personnel and store systems, supply chain management, e-logistics).

The Advanced Information Technology Center will be a five-storey building outfitted with modern electronics appliances – BMS system, Wi-Fi wireless network, server room, computer labs, electronic library with an access to databases and computer software, two-storey lecture hall for 200 spectators equipped with LCD screens. About 800 people will be able to use stationary and wireless computer stations in the building at one time.

However, the AITC’s modern solutions will be applied not only in the area of teaching methods. “Thanks to heat pumps, the building will use its own temperature to heat water. We will install a solar system on the roof, stored rainwater will be used e.g. in bathrooms or for green-keeping. In the future there will be a possibility to charge electric cars on the -1 level” – explained Piotr Mołdrzyk.

The Center’s elevation will be made of a clinker brick and glass facade illuminated at night. The building is going to be connected with the campus by a small foot-bridge over the “Rawa” river. A cycle rack is planned to be located on the -1 level.

A total cost of the project and its modern equipment is estimated at PLN 50,3 million. An opening of the AITC is scheduled for autumn 2013 when a new academic year 2013/2014 will be inaugurated. The investment is financed from the state and University budgets. At the same time, the University solicits and counts on financial support of the City of Katowice and Silesian Voivodeship. The architectural studio of “Pracownia Projektowa Wojciech Podleski Sp. z o.o.” from Katowice is responsible for the building’s design.

About the University
The University of Economics in Katowice is one of the oldest schools in the Upper Silesia region. It was established in 1936 and was opened to students on 11th of January, 1937. It is one of the five public economics universities in Poland with about 15000 students offering a teaching programme of four faculties: Economy, Management, Finance and Insurance, Informatics and Communication.