Alta sold plots on Bażantów St.

The mayor of Katowice had not used the right of first option to purchase the land of Alta (former TUP) located on Bażantów St. and the property was sold to Murapol on Friday.

Alta and Murapol signed a conditional agreement of sale the right of perpetual usufruct of two plots in January 2014. The agreement was conditional as the right of first option to purchase the land were held by the City of Katowice, according to the real estate management act. The Katowice mayor did not use the right what enabled Alta and Murapol to conclude the transaction on 14th of March.

The property consists of two plots – 2,24 ha parcel previously destined for the development of Forest Hill, a housing estate planned by TUP and the second plot of 1,13 ha intended for the construction of the „Bażanty” shopping center. The housing estate developer acquired the two parcels of land for net PLN 9 million. Together with the right of perpetual usufruct, Murapol purchased the right to design copyrights and construction projects.

In compliance with the City spatial development plan, the Forest Hill plot can be used for the development of a housing project. Additionally, a building permit for the 3 300 sq. meters retail building was already issued for the „Bażanty” plot. Murapol is currently conducting construction works on the housing estate „Murapol Bażantów” situated in the neighbouring area on Bażantów St.