Another attempt to sell Polish Post building

The Polish Post („Poczta Polska”) is going to conduct another attempt to sell its main building located in the heart of Katowice. The starting price remains unchanged in comparison to a previous tender invitation.

The former tender (in late November) did not take place as there were no bidders willing to acquire the property. The subjected building is located at 9 Pocztowa St., about 150 meters from the Market Sq. It covers the usable area of 6 004 sq. meters and is situated at the plot totalling 2 309 sq. meters.

The owner did not decide to mark-down the initial price and it is still PLN 15,09 million. The oral tender will take place next week, on 30th of January. Terms of the tender were already published by the Polish Post. Bidders are obliged to pay a deposit amounting to 10 percent of the initial price.

© Poczta Polska S.A.; building of Poczta Polska located at 9 Pocztowa St.
© Poczta Polska S.A.; building of the Polish Post located at 9 Pocztowa St.