Apsys finished modernization of 3 Stawy

Apsys has been carrying out the modernization of the „3 Stawy” shopping center over the last six months. The mall was technically and visually upgraded. The total cost of the investment amounted to PLN 12 million.

New decoration elements and furnitures, colouring, new design and logo were implemented as well as the new lighting, floors and ceilings. Apsys was responsible for the management of the modernization including the acquirement of building permit, selection of prime contractor and commissioning of the building. IMB Aymetria was appointed to prepare the design documentation, while Budecon was involved as the prime contractor of the undertaking.

Over 6 000 sq. meters of the new parquet floor was laid and 1 600 sq. meters of the stretch ceiling was mounted. The main entrance and the parking entrance were renovated. A new cafe will be opened near the main entrance and the existing pharmacy will be expanded. Also, two new travel agency offices will be created close to the parking entrance. The new logo was already installed on the facade. The new lighting is more efficient and environmentally friendly than before the renovation. In November, new furnitures will be delivered to the food court. Bike improvements are planned to be implemented in the parking area.

In 2011, Apsys obtained a Breeam-in-Use certificate for „3 Stawy”. It was the first shopping center that has fulfilled the strict criteria of sustainable building in Poland. To receive the high grades, the modernization of underground paring lighting was carried out, among others. The usage of electric energy in that part of the building was reduced by 74 percent, while preserving the same level of brightness.

The owner of the „3 Stawy” shopping center is Union Investment Real Estate AG. Union Investment is an international investment company, specializing in open real estate funds for private and corporate investors. „3 Stawy” was built in 1999 and is located at 60 Pułaskiego St.