Arkadiusz Milik will open sport & social club at Galeria Libero

Arkadiusz Milik, player for the Polish national team, forward for the Dutch Ajax Amsterdam team, will open a sport & social club at Galeria Libero.

© Echo Investment; Arkadiusz Milik
© Echo Investment; Arkadiusz Milik

This 470 sq. meters area, linked to a 100 sq. meters terrace, will be located on level +2, as an addition to the extensive entertainment, sports, food service and cultural proposal of Galeria Libero.

The “Food & Ball” concept, as its name suggests, is described by its authors as a place to offer the broadcasting of the best matches for football fans, accompanied by food and drink.

Football will be the leitmotiv of the arrangement of the place, currently being developed by a team of interior design experts. The final appearance of the place will be known only after it is opened. Most certainly there will be many sports memorabilia, including those of the Rozwój Katowice club, where Arkadiusz Milik was practicing from the age of 7.

“Food & Ball will be the first pub of its kind in Poland. We want a combination of all that’s best for you: the sports atmosphere of Euopean pubs and great healthy cuisine. This should be a place where people will feel at home, meet friends to spend their time together, and share their passion for sports” – says Arkadiusz Milik.

“We are going to allocated over 35% of the lease area at Galeria Libero to entertainment, sports, and food services. This will be a highly diversified proposal targeted at a large group of customers. The food service area in Galeria Libero is a place where you will find numerous popular network places along with unique concepts, such as Mr. Arkadiusz Milik’s pub” – says Marcin Szlufik, leasing manager at Echo Investment’s Shopping Centers Department.

It is the intention of Echo Investment as the developer of Galeria Libero to create the largest sports and leisure proposal in the region. Negotiations are well advanced on concepts related to sports, education and leisure for younger targets.