Atal bought Francuska Park, works underway

Francuska Park Sp. z o.o., a company which had been established to erect a housing scheme on Francuska St., sold the parcel of land designated for the project. The buyer is Atal S.A., a housing estates developer known in Katowice for development of Ligota Park.

© Atal S.A.; Francuska Park
© Atal S.A.; Francuska Park

“Indeed, I confirm we sold the plot and the project of Francuska Park” – said Małgorzata Neyman, representative of the former owner.

The plot is located in the junction of Francuska and Lotnisko streets in the close proximity of the “3 Stawy” shopping mall. The developer had planned to erect there the 31 350 sq. meters housing complex consisting of nine buildings with about 650 apartments. However, the company abandoned the project in March 2012 and did not give official reasons for the decision.

Atal, the new owner, plans to continue the undertaking and has already started ground works on the plot. “The transaction was concluded in May 2013. The transfer of building permit took place on 27th of May and construction works were started after the contract conclusion” – says Zbigniew Juroszek, CEO and founder of Atal S.A.

The company bought not only the plot but also the building project. The prime contractor of the housing estate is Atal. The developer cooperates with several sub-contractors to erect the buildings.

“The housing estate has been designed by the architect Wojciech Wojciechowski. Now we work on a detailed design to adapt apartments to the present market needs as the former project was prepared two years ago. Currently we see different preferences of customers concerning the apartments arrangement and they size. For example, we enlarge bathrooms and we add additional sleeping rooms. We do not need a new building permit to implement these changes” – Zbigniew Juroszek explains.

The housing estate will consist of nine buildings to be raised within three stages. The first one was recently launched – 233 apartments will be built in this phase. Another 419 apartments will be delivered within the two next stages. “If everything goes well, the second stage will be kicked-off in spring 2014. Sales of the apartments of the first stage will start in September this year” – the Atal’s founder announced.

Atal SA has been established over 20 years ago and is headquartered in Cieszyn. Until now, the developer has sold over 3 800 apartments of a total surface of over 200 000 sq. meters. The company’s first housing project in Katowice called Ligota Park consists of eight five-storey buildings offering 416 apartments.

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Construction plot of Francuska Park
Construction plot of Francuska Park