Atal builds the largest housing development in Katowice

On Thursday, Atal S.A. commenced the official sale of its newest housing scheme – Francuska Park. It is the largest residential project being currently built in Katowice. Prices start from PLN 5 600 per one square meter.

© Atal S.A.; Francuska Park
© Atal S.A.; Francuska Park

The construction work on the investment was launched in June this year. At first, the developer will deliver three buildings reaching from five to nine storeys to be built by the end of Q2 2015. This phase includes 236 apartments ranging from 30 to 124 sq. meters. The facilities are being erected in the junction of Francuska and Lotnisko streets. In total, the two-staged project will consist of nine buildings, 655 apartments, 8 retail units as well as 836 underground parking spaces and a ground parking lot for 62 vehicles.

„Francuska Park is the most important housing undertaking being conducted in Katowice, what will significantly diversify the apartments offer in the City. We do not affraid to build our developments with a flourish and we look for unconventional architectural solutions. We are convinced that the original project, good location and well-designed interiors combined with attractive prices will be the response to even the most exacting customers’ requirements” – said Zbigniew Juroszek, CEO of Atal S.A.

The housing estate has been designed by the architect Wojciech Wojciechowski. The housing premises are to be equipped with balconies, terraces of gardens. The buildings will be finished with stone, wood, glass and elevation slabs.

Marcin Krupa, deputy mayor of Katowice, express satisfaction with the new investment – „We are very glad that such an experienced developer has taken the interest in our local housing market what shows the growing attractiveness and potential of the Katowice real estate market”.

Atal S.A. has been established over 20 years ago and is headquartered in Cieszyn. Until now, the developer has sold over 3 800 apartments of a total surface of over 200 000 sq. meters. The company’s first housing project in Katowice called Ligota Park consists of eight five-storey buildings offering 416 apartments.