Bankowa Street for students

Students of the University of Silesia will have a new public space for its disposal. A 100 meters long part of Bankowa Street was closed today for a car traffic and is going to be redeveloped into a public square. Bankowa is located in the area of the University’s buildings. This part of the City is designed for a campus in the future.

Parking places and architectural barriers will be removed, the square was designed to be pedestrian-friendly. The public space will be improved by a new small architecture, greenery and granite surface. It is also planned to create an alley of fame for well-deserved persons of Katowice and the University.

The idea of creating the square was proposed by students. The redevelopment will cost approximately PLN 2 million and is financed from the City budget. The square will be opened before the new academic year (1st of October 2010).

fot. University of Silesia, design of the square on Bankowa St.