Best bid selected in tender for completion of ICC

The City Hall of Katowice selected the winning bid in a public tender for the completion of works on the International Convention Center (ICC). The most advantageous offer that meets the terms of tender’s references was entered by the consortium of NDI, Balzola and WHD.

There were five tenderers taking part in the contract award procedure. The price proposed by the consortium was the lowest and amounts to gross PLN 249,4 million. The second bid with the lowest price (gross PLN 261,8 million) made by the consortium of Hochtief and Elektrobudowa was rejected by the tender committee.

Now all the four remaining tenderers, including the rejected one, will have ten days to lodge an appeal against the decision on the most advantageous offer and the tender proceedings. If none of the companies file the complaint in the National Appeal Chamber, the City Hall will sign the contract with NDI, Balzola and WHD.

The 37 900 sq. meters International Convention Center will be built near the “Spodek” sport and exhibition hall. A corridor will link these two venues enabling to house about 20 thousand participants at one time. According to the terms of contract the investment will be completed in 16 months as of the date the contract is signed.

© City Hall of Katowice; International Convention Center
© City Hall of Katowice; International Convention Center