Bids opened for II stage of City Center revamp

On Tuesday, opening of bids for the second stage of the City Center redevelopment – the Roundabout and Market Square area took place in the City Hall of Katowice. Four bidders submitted proposals.

The cheapest price offer was made by consortium of NDI SA and Balzola (gross PLN 85,7 million). The same companies are being currently involved in the first stage of works on the City Center revamp – the redevelopment of tram-tracks’ infrastructure between the “Ziętka” Roundabout and the “Rialto” cinema. The consortium also modernizes a tram infrastructure on 3 Maja St.

The remaining three bids were entered by Budimex SA (PLN 96 million), IDS-BUD SA, Ploder Uicesa SA, Qumak – Sekom SA (PLN 115,9 million) and Construcciones Aldesem SA DE CV (PLN 147,5 million).

The four price offers proposed by the companies are much lower as it was expected by the City Hall – an estimated cost of the undertaking exceeded PLN 176 million.

Now, the bids have to be checked in accordance with terms of the tender. The City Hall will choose the consortium or the company which had submitted a correct bid and proposed the lowest price. Then, the name of the prime contractor will be announced. According to the public procurement law, the tendering companies will have 10 days to lodge an appeal against the decision of the City Hall in the National Appeal Chamber. If none of the companies file the complaint, the City Hall will sign the contract with the chosen prime contractor. It is expected to sign the agreement in the turn of 2012 and 2013.

The works are to be commenced in spring next year and will take 18 months according to the present schedule.

Within the contract, the chosen company will redevelop, among others, Pocztowa and Młyńska streets, the section of Korfantego Av. between the “Ziętka” Roundabout and Moniuszki St. and also will build new Śródmiejska St. situated along the “Superjednostka” building. Moreover, the prime contractor will be responsible for rebuilding of electric lines and underground electric, water, sewer, telephone and other utilities. The redevelopment of the “Rawa” river’s bed between the “Superjednostka” and “Korfantego 1A” buildings is also included in the investment process.