Big Five for outsourcing

Katowice was classified as one of the five most attractive polish cities for outsourcing:

Poland still has the potential to attract investors looking to outsource their business activities, according to the recent ‘Improving Through Moving’ report on BPO opportunities in Poland, prepared by Colliers International Poland and Atria Real Estate Partners. One of the biggest incentives for investors looking to relocate is the relatively small growth in labour costs. In 2007, labour costs in Poland went up by 4 pct, while in the Baltic states the growth was up to 19 pct. The report divides 11 cities into two categories: the big five and rising stars. The most attractive Polish cities for outsourcing are Łódź, Kraków, Katowice, TriCity and Wrocław, which offer a still relatively cheap (compared to Warsaw) and well-educated labour force, with the local authorities already having managed to attract big investors. These cities also possess a large stock of existing or pipeline modern office space, while in the cities described as rising stars – Lublin, Rzeszów, Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Poznań and Szczecin – the lack of sufficient office stock is recognized as a major common problem. As the global crisis spreads and more companies are forced to cut costs, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency expects more foreign investment on the BPO market, with companies from the US, the UK and the Scandinavian countries being particularly active. The report, however, states that Poland often loses important investment to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.