Black mesh and soil cover ICC

Five months left to conclude the construction work on the International Convention Center. Black elevation of expanded metal mesh has been mounted for the most part of the venue and advanced installation works are being conducted inside.

Construction work on the International Convention Center
Construction work on the International Convention Center

All general concrete works have been finished and all four tower cranes were dismantled. Only some concrete works will still be performed outside the building to lay stairs of the green valley and inside the venue where a floor heating installation of the foyer’s lover part has to be poured with concrete. The walkway on the roof was designed as a passage linking the two sides of the center and partially as a viewing balcony. The valley is now being covered with soil to be grassed over.

The building is still waiting for its final interior fit-out as walls lining, floors, furnitures, toilets mountings and glazing as well as audio-visual equipment, e.g. three huge screens to be located in the 8 040 sq. meters multifunctional hall enabling to house up to 12 000 spectators. Each of the screens will be consisted of eighty one 55-inch display units. Chessboard-like vertical curtains are being installed between the ceiling and roof to avoid resonance in the mutlifunctional hall. First lifts and moving stairways were already fitted up in the building.

This congress and conference facility will be able to accommodate nearly 15 000 people only in this one place. The ICC will also be linked directly with „Spodek” enabling to extend the number of participants. „It will be a huge change and quantum jump for us and for quests of the 7th European Economic Congress. We noticed that they look forward to participate in the event in the new venue” – said Wojciech Kuśpik, EEC initiator and president of PTWP SA Group.

Warbud and its partners will earn PLN 280,3 million for the construction work. „The financial engagement of the project is now 65% done” – said Adam Wieczorek, project manager at Warbud. The works are scheduled for delivery on 15th of December this year.

The total cost of the undertaking amounts to PLN 305,9 million and is financed from the City Hall of Katowice’s budget and from the European Union funds. The building is being erected along Olimpijska St.