Budus chosen as a subcontractor of Railway Station platforms

Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Komunikacyjnych w Krakowie S.A.” (PRK), a prime contractor of the redevelopment of platforms and a surrounding infrastructure of the Katowice Railway Station, signed a contract with Budus S.A. – the company will conduct part of the works as a subcontractor.

Budus will be involved in, among others, a construction of the Station roof over all four platforms and intertrack spaces, redevelopment of stairs connecting the platforms with east and south underground passage-ways, redevelopment of the platforms surfaces and its borders, construction of the roof foundation. Also the company will redevelop a cable installation, water-supply and sewage systems, as well as granite stairs and moving stairs into two-way moving stairs.

A total worth of the contract signed between PRK and Budus exceeds net PLN 26 million. The subcontractor has to finish the works by 30th of November 2012.

At present, PRK is conducting demolition works on the platform number 2 where an old roof and an asphalt surface had to be removed. The following two platforms – number 3 and 4 – will be revamped afterwards. The platform number 1 was already redeveloped by Transkol Sp. z o.o.

In August this year, PRK was chosen by PKP Polish Railway Lines S.A. (PKP PLK), a company of PKP Group responsible for management of national railway network, to conduct the refurbishment of the platforms. The contract amounts net PLN 49,57 million. All the works have to be concluded by the end of November 2012.