Building permit approved for LC Corp project

LC Corp S.A. obtained a building permit for the construction of the first stage of its mixed-use complex. The development will be raised at 10 Roździeńskiego Av. The investor also secured a pre-lease agreement for office spaces in the building A.

The project on Roźdzeńskiego Av. comprises three buildings – the A and B both reaching 34 meters and a 106-meters-high tower. LC Corp already got the valid building permit for the A building. The 8-storey facility will offer 12 700 sq. meters of office space for lease.

According to a person closely related with the issue, LC Corp is now looking for a prime contractor of the first building. was also unofficially told that the first phase of the project would be delivered in 2015.

Additionally, the first pre-lease agreement has been already concluded. Offices of the tenant will total 6 000 sq. meters. Name of the occupier is confidential for the moment.

The architectural design of the buildings was prepared by the APAKA Kuryłowicz & Associates studio from Warsaw. The investor has not yet released visualizations of the project. The 1 ha construction plot is situated opposite the cultural district and the newly erected Scientific Information Center and Academic Library.

LC Corp SA controls a group of developer companies, implementing residential and commercial investments in the largest cities in Poland. The majority shareholder of LC Corp is Leszek Czarnecki.