Building permit for Supersam

Prime Properties, a subsidiary company of Centrum Development and Investments Poland (CDI), obtained a valid building permit for the Supersam retail center which will be raised on Piotra Skargi St. in place of the existing building with the same name.

The new Supersam will be a three-storey facility offering almost 20 000 sq. meters for rent with about 100 retail and service units. Three floors of a car park for 400 vehicles will be located on top of the shopping part. The building will cover a total area of 46 000 sq. meters.

The offer of Supersam will be mostly addressed to young people. It is going to be a typical convenience shopping center with an entertainment area including a cinema and fitness club. A wide offer of a food-court, cafes, “take-away” units and a supermarket is to attract citizens both to spend time inside or just to do shopping.

According to the investor, Supersam will be opened by the end of 2013. “Now, we are preparing to start procedures to choose a prime contractor, we hope to launch a construction work on the turn of 2011 and 2012” – said Anna Rudnicka-Sipayłło, representative of CDI.

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