Business lounge opened in A terminal

GTL has opened a new business lounge in the A terminal at the Katowice International Airport. The departure room was prepared for passengers traveling outside Schengen zone.

The lounge is opened 7 days a week between 4 a.m. and 8 p.m. Free Internet, TV, national and foreign newspapers, office equipment, refreshments and snacks are provided for the customers. To offer the highest standards of services, the staff received a training in the European Academy of Diplomacy in Warsaw.

The business lounge is available for free for the holders of Dinners Club, Priority Pass, Airport Angel and Citybank („Korzyści i przywileje”) cards as well as for the subscribers of the Premium Card Katowice Airport programme. Also, it is possible to buy a single entry access for net PLN 60 (net PLN 45 for the Star Alliance programme’s card holders) using the airport’s Internet reservation system or the WizzAir’s booking system for non-Schengen flights.

The same standard of services is provided in the business lounge for Schengen passengers in the B terminal, which was opened in 2013.