Capgemini grows in Atrium

Capgemini confirms its rapid expansion in Katowice and becomes a key player of business services sector in the City. The company has lately leased one additional floor in the Atrium office building at 54 Graniczna St.

The Capgemini’s office in Atrium was opened in late 2009 and was the second location of the company in Katowice after the Altus’ office. Today, Capgemini hires more than 1 400 financial and IT specialists, philologists and engineers working in BPO and ITO teams in the City.

With the addition of 1 890 sq. meters in Atrium, Capgemini increases its existing office capacity to 5 670 sq. meters – three floors out of seven building’s storeys are entirely dedicated to the company’s needs. Together with the Altus office (13 Uniwersytecka St.), the company has approximately 12 000 sq. meters of modern office space at its disposal in Katowice, what makes Capgemini one of major tenants at the City’s office market.

Today, the Katowice team of professionals delivers Business and IT outsourcing services to clients in 25 languages. The two centers in Katowice also enhances Capgemini’s Rightshore strategy which offers clients the balance between services delivered from centers in close geographical proximity and with cultural ties with their sites (onshore or nearshore) and services delivered from more remote centers (offshore).