Carbo-Stal brings ultra high hydraulic excavator at DOKP site

Carbo-Stal has just brought its top high reach machine to finish the demolition works on „DOKP”. Over one-third of the former office building’s construction has already been dismantled.

Carbo-Stal was appointed by TDJ Estate to demolish the „DOKP” building. The works were commenced in March this year. By now, the company has demolished six out of eighteen storeys of the high-rise facility. Carbo-Stal has been using remote controlled demolition robots so far. Workers are also supported by a tower crane which pulls down the dismantled parts of the building.

Now the machinery was joined by the tracked hydraulic excavator equipped with an ultra high arm. It will be used to cut steel and reinforced concrete elements of the remaining floors. „The hydraulic excavator will start its work at the site when the International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy is over” – said Daniel Muc from the press office of TDJ Estate.

The fair will take place in „Spodek” and in the International Convention Center between 8th and 11th of September. Some of exhibition stands and mining machinery will be located at the square in front of „Spodek” and the ICC. The „DOKP” building is situated in the same area.

It is planned to tear down the tower by the end of this year. A new office complex of two buildings designed by Medusa Group will be built in the place of „DOKP”.