Carbo-Stal commenced demolition works on DOKP

Carbo-Stal has commenced demolition works on the top, technical floor of the „DOKP” office building. Dismantling works were already finished inside.

The works inside the main building of the „DOKP” complex were started in March this year and included the manual removal of wiring and fittings, plaster partition walls, engine room and lifts. Demounting of windows was also started over the recent days. After the two months of works in the interiors, only brick, steel and concrete structure was left.

„We have already commenced the mechanical demolition works on the structural elements of „DOKP”. We started from the top, technical storey and then we will be moving down to lower floors. We are using remote controlled demolition robots to conduct the works” – said Grzegorz Przybyłek, owner of Carbo-Stal, which is responsible for the demolition of „DOKP” on behalf of TDJ Estate.

Apart from the robots, dedicated water cannons are used inside to moisten the crushed materials and to reduce the dust. A tower crane will be mounted at the site in June. It will be involved in the dismantling works of prefabricated floor slabs, staircases, elevation and steel supporting construction of the 72-meter high „DOKP”. Lower floors of the building will be dismounted later on by a tracked excavator equipped with 51-meter high arm – the largest machine of its kind being currently available in Poland.

„Due to the limited reach of the tracked excavator, the tower crane will be needed to pull down the construction crumbled by the robots above the 51-meter level” – explained Daniel Muc, representative of the press office of TDJ Estate.

The demolition works will be finished in December 2015.