Carbo-Stal finished demolition works on DOKP

Carbo-Stal presented a video in which the company summed up demolition works on the „DOKP” building. The firm dismantled the office tower on behalf of TDJ Estate.

According to Carbo-Stal, the demolition works were finished on 29th of February 2016 and took one year.  The video involves most important numbers regarding the whole dismantling process.

„DOKP” had 18 storeys and the cubic area of the building covered 103 000 cu. meters. Carbo-Stal used two demolition robots, tower crane, two mini loaders and mini excavator as well as the Polish tallest 51-meter high hydraulic excavator. The equipment had to face 1 575 tons of supporting steel construction and had to deal with 12 000 cu. meters of rubble.

A new office complex consisting of two buildings will be erected by TDJ Estate in the place of DOKP. According to a building permit issued by the City Hall, the lower A building will reach 64,5 meters in height (14 storeys) and the B tower will be 133,5-meter high (31 storeys). The building A will offer 18 000 sq. meters of usable area, while the second building will cover the usable area of 35 000 sq. meters. The design project was prepared by medusa group from Bytom, Poland.

TDJ Estate prepares an official presentation of the office complex, which is expected to be released soon. The new development will be located at 1 Roździeńskiego Av.