Center of commericializing knowledge and technology opened

The Katowice School of Technology (WST) opened Brynów Center I. The mixed-use building will be a home of the Science and Technology Park Silesia created by the school in 2011.

Brynów Center I
Brynów Center I

The park is part of the WST and was established to develop and commercialize the findings of school’s research teams and students (center of commericializing knowledge and technology).

The facility covers the area of 11 196 sq. meters. The facility is made of six storeys of which two are located under the ground and are used as a car park for 134 vehicles. The ground storey is assigned as a retail and commercial area – one of the premises (1 200 sq. meters) was already occupied by the the Polish retail chain „Piotr i Paweł”. Office spaces were located on the first, second and third floor to be occupied by new technologies and innovative companies as well as start-ups. Offices can be adapted for open spaces or cabinets. The new building will also house the school labs of mechatronics’ research and development unit (Center for Technology Transfer).

To save, produce and even sell its own energy, Brynów Center I is equipped with photovoltaic solar panels. Also, gas turbines were installed in the underground storey as a part of tri-generation system. These installations allow the building to get a kind of independence from external energy sources. BMS system and SCADA platform are responsible for the building’s installation control.

The building is located at 4 Gawronów St. The architectural design was prepared by architects: Marek Skwara, Arkadiusz Hołda, Grzegorz Grys and Mirosław Polak which were responsible for the design of the building. Bartłomiej Lach prepared interior designs and visualizations integrating additional technologies. The Almir company from Dąbrowa Górnicza was a prime contractor of the undertaking. A total cost of the project – construction and equipment – amounts to approximately PLN 50 million. The costs were partially financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and its branch in Katowice.