Challenges for growth-oriented human capital

Hays has presented its newest report „Human capital in Silesia. Manufacturing sector”. The publication is based on surveys conducted among 656 HR managers, employees and students.

Employers of the manufacturing sector have shared with Hays opinions of their challenges, availability of qualified workforce and human resources tools used by them. Employees answered questions concerning their professional expectations, ways of finding a job and preferred benefits.

According to the report „Human capital in Silesia. Manufacturing sector”, companies are most frequently look for manufacturing employees, above all, machine operators. Most of the respondents also look for maintenance workers: electricians, mechanic and automation specialists as a result of high turnover of the staff. Motivation, drive to work and loyalty are the highest challenge in the years to come.

When conducting the interviews, specialists of Hays were able to have a closer look at large enterprises which hire even two thousand employees as well as smaller companies with less than 50 workers. The analysis unambiguously shows that the employers in the region are oriented to develop, however it is dependent on recruitment possibilities and staff growth.

Agnieszka Kolenda, regional manager at Hays Poland, points out that the most interesting conclusions concern human resources tools. „We observe that employers are more and more focused on such aspects as: stimulation of engagement, motivation and development of career paths no matter what business profile of company is. It responds to employees needs as they mentioned not only salary when deciding on future employers, but also competence growth and professional development within organizations” – Agnieszka Kolenda commented.