City Hall chose winning concessioner for ICC and Spodek

The City Hall of Katowice has decided the procedure concerning the concession agreement for services involving organization of events and management of the International Convention Center (ICC) and the „Spodek” sport and exhibition hall. There were two companies competing for the contract in the last stage of the administrative proceeding.

At the end of October, PTWP Event Center and HKO submitted their final applications after several rounds of negotiations. Finally, the City Hall evaluated the offers and decided to choose PTWP as the preferred bidder last Friday. „Now HKO has ten days to lodge an appeal against this decision. If no complaint is filed, we will be able to sign the contract. I suppose that it is possible to do so by the end of November” – said Janusz Nowak, project manager of the International Convention Center.

PTWP Event Center is a subsidiary of PTWP Group, which is responsible for the organization of the European Economic Congress in Katowice since its first edition in 2009. The company is based in Katowice.

The object of the concession is rendering comprehensive services by the concessioner, in the area of organization and production of events as well as creating and promoting the venues brand, and maintaining and managing the ICC and „Spodek”.

First events are expected to be held in the International Convention Center in March 2015. The building is currently under construction. The works should be finished at the beginning of 2015.