Clean Coal Technologies Center almost finished

The Budus S.A. building company is concluding a construction work on the Clean Coal Technologies Center (CCTW) located at 1 Gwarków Sq., a joint project of the Central Mining Institute (GIG) and the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal in Zabrze. At the same time, the Radiometry Laboratory is being built near by.

“The works are slowly drawing to a close and both buildings shall be finished this year. However, we need to provide the facilities with a very modern equipment and it needs time. We expect to open the buildings in 2012” – says Sylwia Jarosławska-Sobór, press spokesman at GIG.

In December last year, the project was granted by the European Union. The amount totals EUR 41 million, the entire undertaking is worth EUR 45 million. Apart from the new building and equipment, about 60 new specialist workplaces will be created. Though, nearly 100 people will work in the Clean Coal Technologies Center. Staff from other academic centers, students and industry representatives will be trained within the project.

The 4 977,6 sq. meters building will house modern laboratories where results of experiments on coal will be analyzed. Additionally, Center’s scientists will conduct researches on gaseous fuels, hydrogen, termochemical processing and others. It predestined the CCTW to be one of the leading research institutes of its kind in the world.

Store rooms, transformer station, archive room, as well as garages were situated on the ground floor. Laboratories, including one two-storeyed, and offices are designed on the higher floors. A conference room for 60 people was located on the top floor.

An elevation of the building is made of red panels of the Konvortec system and brown clinker brick – according to the previous design, the brick was black referring to the colour of coal. The “Barysz Point Line” studio is responsible for the architectural project of the Clean Coal Technologies Center .