Cobblestone and granite cover 3 Maja St.

3 Maja St. – the fifth most expensive street in Poland – is being reshaped into a modern and pedestrian friendly space. The meaning and popularity of the area should to be influenced and strengthened soon not only by the new decor and infrastructure but also by the opening of Galeria Katowicka.

The street’s pavement is being made of cobblestone and granite to be featured by new lighting, street furnitures and huge bowls holding greenery. The renovation covers the total area of 9 600 sq. meters. The overall length of the single track-way to be modernized on 3 Maja St. and the neighbouring Wolności Sq. totals 1 680 meters.

The modernization involves three companies: Skanska (new pavement and small architecture), NDI and Balzola (new tram tracks) and “Katowickie Wodociągi” (redevelopment of sewage system)

“Skanska has concluded about 25 percent of the works by now. When NDI finished track laying and handed over the whole site to our crews, we will gather pace of the modernization” – said Iwona Walczak, communication specialist at Skanska.

The redevelopment was commenced in September last year. All the works are expected to be finished by 30th of November 2013. In September this year, Neinver is going to open Galeria Katowicka located on 3 Maja St. at the number 30.