Colorado delegation – in short

On Saturday, 18th of September, the Colorado-Silesia trade mission drew to an end. Since 12th of September American businessmen and representatives of academia were meeting with locals to exchange experiences and find potential cooperation partners.

As Colorado’s major industries are mostly focused on new technologies and energy solutions, the mission’s participants were looking for partners which are developing in these sectors. Here are the partakers of the delegation, its area of interest and objectives.

  • Bartlett Ellis LCC
    • Based in Minneapolis, working with WELA in Poland
    • Delivering expertise, technology and capital to emerging market ventures
    • Seeking enduring partnerships in emerging markets
    • Initial target market – Upper Silesia
  • Bartlett Ellis – The Clean Technology Incubator
    • Objective – the development of clean technologies in Upper Silesia
    • Purpose – rapid development and commercialization of alternative energy and environmental management technologies
    • Offer – the complete range of services to launch clients in Poland and internationally
  • Bartlett Ellis – Sectors of interest
    • Biofuels
    • Hydropower
    • Storage Systems
    • Energy Conservation
    • Green Construction
    • Waste-To-Energy
    • Water Management
    • Fuel cells
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Environmental Remediation
    • Waste Treatment

Karl Dakin, entrepreneur and practicing lawyer, 30 years’ experience with start-ups. Taught at University of Denver and CU Denver, USD 15 million raised in last 5 years. He represented in Katowice two companies during the mission – Sanz Corporation and Veritek Ore Processing.

  • Sanz Corporation
    • Produces and sells new cleaning agent from hydrochlorous acid and surfactants
    • For hospitals, schools, hotels, retail stores, public buildings, restaurants, etc.
    • Seeking demonstration sites, manufacturers and distributors
  • Veritek Ore Processing
    • Separation technology for mining industry
    • A green technology (no water or chemicals, little time and energy)
    • Reduces energy and water consumption at the mine and toxic chemical use
    • Seeking research and development partners

Tomasz Skotnicki, honorary Polish consul and independent businessman. He promotes business and cultural ties between Poland and Colorado, assist Polish businesses in setting up in the Rocky Mountain region. He also develops links between Polish and Colorado universities.

  • Sunlight Sciences
    • Indoor lighting products that closely resemble the spectrum of sunlight
    • Sunlight Sciences products:
    – Save energy
    – Fight depression
    – Reduce environmental impact
    – Increase productivity
  • Sunlight Sciences Objectives
    • Set up manufacturing and distribution in Poland
    • Create joint research and development efforts
    • Develop additional lighting applications

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs were represented by the Office of Global Programs and the College of Education units, looking for opportunities to students exchange and to develop scientific researches and cooperation in the area of language courses for students and academic workers together with Polish partners, particularly the University of Silesia.

It was the second meeting between Colorado and Silesia after the last year’s mission to the United States. Both visits were organized by W. E. Loopesko & Associates, Inc. (WELA).