Commercial and real property during the 9th European Economic Congress

European Economic Congress 2016

The 9th European Economic Congress (EEC) will take place between 10th and 12th of May. As in previous years, the event will be addressing issues of major importance to the future of Europe, revolutionary challenges in industry and on the job market, and dynamic changes in the geopolitical environment of the European economy. It will also focus on commercial and property markets in Poland and in Europe.

The organizer will ask and try to answer several questions concerning the real estate sector. Brexit, the „Trump effect” or the crisis of the European Union all impact on the investment climate in the commercial property sector, as well as on the position of Poland on the European map of such undertakings. The uncertainty and decreasing stability induce investors to pose many questions concerning such issues as the location of new projects, for instance. Also the organizer asks what will be an alternative to London: Warsaw, Prague, or maybe Frankfurt?

Given the context of the changes taking place in the world, participants will try to find out if we can expect a commercial property revolution and a wave of alternative projects that are to act as a solution to the plummeting rates of return on traditional facilities, such as shopping centres, office buildings, warehouses or hotels.

The Polish market is also impatiently waiting for a Polish rendition of the REIT. Will the American way of investing in real property finally find its equivalent in Poland?

This is what the panellists and guests will be discussing during the sessions on commercial and real property to be held as part of the European Economic Congress in Katowice.

The organizer of the European Economic Congress recommends the following debates:

11th of May 2017:

Commercial real property in Europe and Poland

The future of the BPO/SSC sector in Poland and Europe

Residential construction in Poland

Office buildings in Poland

REITs in Poland – how to make profit from commercial real property

“Housing Plus” Programme

Smart City – friendly and smart cities

Attractive airports. Related investments

Successful revitalisation in practice

BIM – the support for investment projects

12th of May 2017:

Free areas. An idea and co-operation

Active investors in Polish towns and cities

Sports, business, infrastructure

Investments undertaken by local governments – a new prospect

The leisure industry