Concrete mixer tracks busy again at SBP site

Advanced concrete works are now being conducted at the construction site of Silesia Business Park. These activities are performed within next stages of the Skanska’s office project.

The construction crew is accumulated east from the building B. After the leveling of terrain and ground stabilization with cement what had been carried out over the last months, the steel reinforcement of the foundation is now being covered with concrete. A two-level car park will be erected above. It will be a base for the third and fourth office building of SBP. A tower crane’s footing was already placed in the middle of the site.

The two-level car park was also erected within the two first stages of the undertaking, in which bicycle racks with showers and changing rooms are provided for cyclists’ convenience. Works on the elevation of the building B have been done in the meantime. The facility is scheduled to be opened later this summer.

Silesia Business Park is being erected at 152 Chorzowska St. Each of the four buildings of the office complex will consist of 12 000 sq. meters of gross leasable space.