Concrete structure done of Academy of Fine Arts

Dombud has concluded concrete works on the new seat of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Now the building’s exterior is being finished with elevation facing and glass.

The new educational and cultural facility is being built between Koszarowa and Raciborska streets. It was designed by the architectural studio of An Archi Group from Gliwice, Poland. The complex will cover a usable area of 12 440 sq. meters including an underground car park.

An open space for design, modeling lab, film studio, sculpture workroom, mineral and organic resources workroom, lecture rooms and offices will be delivered for the academy purposes. The public part of the seat will house a library and reading room, exhibition hall, projection room and a bar.

The investment is worth PLN 49,9 million of which PLN 42,5 million is financed by the European Union. The building should be opened in 2015.