Court enforcement officer will sell 18 plots in Podlesie

The court enforcement officer to the District Court „Katowice-Wschód” will auction 18 plots located in the southern district of Podlesie. The auction will take place this Tuesday in the Monopol Hotel. The total asking price for all the properties amounts to over PLN 2,8 million.

The plots are located in the area of Pomorskiego St. and are owned by Aspekt Group from Dąbrowa Górnicza. The properties were destined for the housing project called „Leśna Przystań”. Construction works on six semi-detached buildings (twelve houses for sale) were commenced a few years ago, however the investment was halted – only two facilities were delivered in late 2011, the other four buildings remain unfinished. The architectural project was prepared by Rafał Drobczyk.

Now the land will be auctioned on 12th of January in the Monopol Hotel for the first time. The total area of the plots covers 8 300 sq. meters. At first, the court enforcement officer will try to sell the largest plot (blue line on the map below). The auction will take place at 11 am. The asking price for the 2 450 sq. meters land amounts to over PLN 0,25 million. At 12 pm, the remaining 17 plots (yellow lines) will be offered within a separate auction – 5 857 sq. meters for the initial price of PLN 2,55 million.

The estimated worth of all the 18 plots totals almost PLN 3,75 million, while the asking price (PLN 2,8 million) amounts to three-quarters of the estimated worth.

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© City Hall of Katowice; plots of Aspekt Group to be auctioned
© City Hall of Katowice; plots of Aspekt Group to be auctioned