Cshark leases in Technological Park Ekoenergia

© Cushman & Wakefield; Technological Park Ekoenergia – Woda – Bezpieczeństwo in Katowice

Global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield has represented software house Cshark, a Wrocław-based IT solutions provider, in its 500 plus sq. meters office lease transaction at Technological Park Ekoenergia – Woda – Bezpieczeństwo in Katowice. The owner of the complex is Ekoenergia Silesia.

Cshark is a software house from Wrocław with regional offices in Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. To support the Technological Park in the pursuit of its objectives, Cshark has developed a technological platform for security improvement and management in real-time industrial data processing, as well as damage and defect prediction in water management facilities such as sewage treatment plants. Cshark also provides customised software solutions in Industry 4.0, AI, VR, AR, robotics, FinTech and RegTech. In addition, the company delivers IT and outsourcing advisory services. Through collaboration with an Irish firm Fenergo, it creates and develops global solutions for leading banking and financial organisations, including supervisory institutions. Its new office in Katowice will assist Cshark in its new initiatives and provide a comfortable customer service environment. It will also enable a more rapid business growth through intensive staff recruitment.

“The new office space will offer opportunities to strengthen not only our corporate image, but primarily to improve our organisational and business processes. We currently focus on providing an appropriate working environment and on our confidential forward-looking initiatives to shape the upcoming years beyond the next 12 months. It is truly exciting to see our firm grow so rapidly, knowing our plans and what we want to engage in. We are pleased to have Technological Park Ekoenergia as our partner who provides appropriate opportunities to meet our ambitions” – said Radosław Szmit, VP business operations, Cshark.

“In strategy development for our clients we aim to ensure that tenants have expansion opportunities in selected locations. This is particularly important in the case of IT firms seeing demand for their services grow continually. Cshark is growing exponentially. It already has offices in Wrocław (nearly 1 500 sq. meters) and in Bielsko-Biała (200 sq. meters). In Katowice, the firm has enlarged its office footprint from 115 sq. meters to 512 sq m in under a year” – said Jacek Dymek, negotiator, office agency, Cushman & Wakefield.