Cultural district one-third done

The commissioning process and performance testing in relation to the works on the new seat of Silesian Museum was ended. In general, the building is now completed and only the troubleshooting will take place inside. Construction works on the remaining two other facilities of the cultural district are still underway.

During the last 56 days the commissioning committee were checking that the performance of the total building and its systems meet the design assumptions and requirements of the Silesian Museum. Budimex, a prime contractor of the undertaking, will now have time to remove all faults and imperfections in the building.

The neighbouring two facilities being currently built see a large attention and involvement of building crews. The construction work on the International Convention Center runs according to the schedule. The building process of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra‘s new venue enters a very busy moment where outfitting will be timed to coincide with works on acoustics of the great and chamber halls. The official ending date of the works was moved from October this year to April 2014. The first inaugural concert in the new PNRSO’s seat will take place in October 2014.