Date of EEC 2012 announced

The PTWP SA Group, organizer of the European Economic Congress – the largest business event in Central Europe, announced today a date of the fourth edition. The event will take place between 14th and 16th of May 2012. The organizer expects six thousand guests including politicians, scientists and directors of some of the biggest corporations to come to Katowice.

The European Economic Congress is a periodical, three-days, international business meeting and is organized in the capital of the Upper Silesia region since 2009. As it was in the previous editions, participants will discuss the shape of the economy in the coming years. The agenda of the Congress will also include issues related to the specificity of political and economy conditions of Central Europe and the role of the new EU members.

However, works are currently in progress concerning the scope of issues of the agenda. Its last shape will be known in three months according to the organizer.

This year’s third edition of the Congress was participated by nearly six thousand guests, 900 speakers and 500 media representatives. In the framework of volunteer work at the largest business event in Central Europe over 150 students from various Polish and foreign universities were active, more than 100 bodyguards, several dozens of subcontractors worked during the event organization – altogether 3 000 people. During three Congress days participants could use 500 taxis.

Four Prime Ministers from Central Europe participated in the European Economic Congress 2011: Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland; Jadranka Kosor, Prime Minister of Croatia; Petr Nečas, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic; Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary.