Deli Sandwich opened in Silesia Star

A new gastronomy tenant has moved in to Silesia Star at 18 Uniwersytecka St. It is called Deli Sandwich.

The brand address its offer to workers of offices and institutions located in the center of the city. Deli Sandwich is a mix of a cake shop, bakery and cafe. The company representatives claims that its matchmark are cakes and a unique range of coffees.

The company wants to focus on breakfasts. Cracknels, croissant and sandwiches will be prepared on the site. Apple-pies and honey-cakes will be served during the winter, fruit cakes will be offered in spring.

Deli Sandwich is part of Gastromall Group. The firm leased almost 200 sq. meters at the ground floor of the first building of Silesia Star. The Olimp restaurant which offers Polish and world food is located at the same level.

© Gastromall Group; Deli Sandwich
© Gastromall Group; Deli Sandwich