Demolition works start on Supersam

First workers and machinery appeared on Piotra Skargi St. this week. The action is connected with demolition works on the former Supersam hall. Construction works are to begin in August 2013.

“I confirm the demolition works have been already started and are conducted by the SFW Warwas company from Żory” – said Arkadiusz Cyman, representative of Griffin Group, investor of the new Supersam. The building has been fenced and first disassembling works were commenced.

When the demolition works are finished, Hochtief will start the construction work, which are scheduled to be completed in September 2015.

Supersam was raised in the thirties of the last century and is known for its welded construction of steel spans designed by the engineer Stefan Bryła. Supersam is also recognizable as the first market hall in Poland.

The new Supersam shopping mall will have four steel spans from the original welded construction to be kept within the new structure.