Dismantling of steel welded spans

Four out of ten welded steel spans were already dismantled from the original construction of Supersam. The demolition works should be finished in a month.

The welded structure consists of 10 spans placed at 11-meter spacing. The market hall, delivered in 1936, was 121 meters long, 39,5 meters wide and 16 meters tall. Four steel spans from the original construction of the old Supersam hall will be kept within the new structure.

The former building will be replaced by a modern shopping and entertainment center. The total area of the project will amount to 42 800 square meters. The project scope includes construction of a building with five overground storeys (including two parking storeys) and one underground floor.

The site will be handed over to Hochtief, a prime contractor of the new facility, in a few weeks to kick-off the construction works.