DOKP 95 percent demolished

The ground part of „DOKP’s” construction is almost totally removed. Demolition works on the underground level of the building will be conducted in the weeks to come.

The north and central part of „DOKP” has been dismantled over the recent days. Demolition of the building’s south wing has been underway as well. Apart from these works, rubble and other remains of the construction are being transported away from the site. However, part of the rubble is remained and will be used for construction works on a new building.

„We estimate that about 5 percent of the ground part of the DOKP’s construction left to be demolished. This should happened in the days to come. Demolition of the building’s foundation will be the next stage” – said Daniel Muc from a press office of TDJ Estate.

The demolition works were commenced in March 2015. Carbo-Stal is conducting the works.