Dombud launches new project on Bażantów St.

Dombud has commenced the apartments sale of its newest housing estate located on Bażantów St. Construction works on the first stage were started earlier this spring.

The project is being conducted from the east side of the Murapol Bażantów housing estate. The new scheme of Dombud will consist of eight 3-storey buildings (64 apartments) and 56 single-family homes arranged in rows. Five 3-storey buildings will be erected within the first phase of the undertaking. There will be 8 apartments in each of the facilities (40 apartments in total).

The housing units will have two floors and the area will range from 70 sq. meters (3 rooms) and 99 sq. meters (4 rooms). Prices amount to PLN 3387 per one square meter of the 99 sq. meters apartments and PLN 4 152 per one square meter of the 70 sq. meters units. Each of the apartments will have separate entrances.

Also, there will be 96 parking spaces to be put at disposal of inhabitants free of charge. The Katowice-seated developer expects to finish the first stage in February 2016.