Dombud topped out 2nd building of 4 Towers

The „B” tower is the second stage of the Activ Investment’s 4 Towers („4 Wieże”). Dombud, a prime contractor of the residential undertaking, topped out the 15-floor building this month.

Construction works were started on the facility in October 2013. The developer expects to deliver the tower in the last quarter of 2015. There are 127 flats for sale with the area ranging between 23 and 130 sq. meters. The offer is now 60% sold. Prices start from PLN 4 500 per one square meter.

4 Towers will consist of four 15-floor housing buildings raised on a common 2-floor footing. The ground floor area of each of the footings is designed for retail and service purposes (from 1 300 to 2 000 sq. meters each). Car parks are located at the „-1” and „1” levels.

The commercial space totals 2 000 sq. meters in the „B” tower. Activ Investment already signed a pre-let agreement with „Piotr i Paweł”. The supermarket chain’s store will cover the area of 1 400 sq. meters. The leasing contract was signed for 10 years.

4 Towers are being erected along Chorzowska St. at the “Tysiąclecia” housing estate.