Drogopol contracted to build car park for cultural district

Drogopol, a building company headquartered in Katowice, will design and build a 31 500 sq. meters ground car park for cars and buses. The parking will be located in the cultural district in the close proximity of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra’s new venue.

The City Hall, which is an investor of the undertaking, and Drogopol have just signed the contract. According to the agreement, the company will conclude all the works by 25th of August 2013. A total worth of the contract amounts to gross PLN 8,888 million.

The new car park situated in the area of Olimpijska, Nadgórników streets and Roździeńskiego Av. will be consisted of three zones: A, B1 and B2. The first zone is to be located north from the NPRSO’s building. The B1 and B2 zones are designed east from the building – between the Orchestra’s seat and the new Silesian Museum. The car park will be equipped with the system of collecting fees and the parking space’s occupancy system.

Drogopol will be supported by the Szostek Jan Grupa 67 company in this project.